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Regulations of Hefei Binhu International Exhibition & Convention Center on Exhibition Site Safety
2017/5/3 10:37:31 Source:

I. Construction units shall strictly comply with Regulations on Fire Safety Management, Regulations on Security Administration of Large-scale Mass Activities, Instructions of Anhui International Exhibition & Convention Center/Hefei Binhu International Exhibition & Convention Center for Booth Installation and other rules and regulations, obey management, supervision and inspection by Anhui International Exhibition & Convention Center/Hefei Binhu International Exhibition & Convention Center, the organizer and departments concerned, and guarantee exhibition booth and personal safety. Construction units shall be liable for construction safety in any cases.

II. Construction units shall prepare all necessary documents such as copies of business license and construction effect drawings as required, handle construction procedures at Service Desk, pay relevant charges such as special booth management fee, site clearing deposit and electricity fee, and claim special booth permits before accessing exhibition halls for construction.

III. Construction personnel must receive safety training and wear permits for installation and removal construction of the very exhibition to access the exhibition site. During the construction in exhibition halls, construction personnel shall wear a helmet and, in case of aloft work, fasten a safety belt. The Center has the right to have unqualified personnel get out of the exhibition site at any time.

IV. Booth structure built by construction units must be firm and safe. Construction units shall be solely responsible for accidents such as booth collapse and damage as well as personal injuries or damage to structures in exhibition halls during move-in, exhibition and move-out and for all direct or indirect economic losses of Hefei Zhengwen International Exhibition Management PTY LTD arising therefrom. During the exhibition, construction units must have professional workers be on duty to solve problems if any in time.

V. Construction units shall be solely responsible for construction safety, electrical safety at booths and fire prevention on construction site:

1. Construction units must use fireproof or non-inflammable building materials or those qualified after fire-retardant treatment; all wooden structures must be painted with fireproof coating and conform to environmental requirements. Unqualified installation materials with volatile pungent smell are forbidden. Construction units and exhibitors must equip at least two hand extinguishers with their booths.

2. It is prohibited to use cloth-made inflammable materials such as stretched cloth and elastic cloth to build booths. Units laying aisle carpet shall provide fire safety certificate of the carpet and handle other procedures.

3. Construction units shall not put to use fixed facilities such as distribution boxes, water sources and gas sources in exhibition halls without authorization; neither shall they dismantle, move or destroy any equipment or facilities in exhibition halls.

4. Paint spraying is forbidden in exhibition halls. Processing tools such as electric saws, electric planers, electric cutting and electric welding are prohibited for booth construction. Inflammables and explosives are prohibited. Working with naked fire is prohibited.

5. Anyone is prohibited from smoking in exhibition halls at any time.

6. Nailing and bundling are prohibited at dedicated pipelines or buildings such as floors, walls (including display panels), columns (including eight-edge columns) in exhibition halls; it is prohibited to paste all-purpose adhesive, double-sided adhesive tapes, foam adhesive and sticky notes onto floors, display panels, desks and chairs, eight-edge columns and other exhibition equipment.

7. Booth structures shall be connected to the main structure of the booth itself and should be strictly subject to the permitted height (6m at most). The distance between a booth and walls shall be more than 60cm.

8. It is prohibited to paste or hang advertising or propaganda materials at enclosures or ceilings of exhibition halls without authorization. Pile-up of materials (e.g., installation tools, packing materials, packing cases and exhibits) behind a booth is also prohibited.

9. It is prohibited to use steel beams at ceilings of exhibition halls as the tool to hoist booth structures without permission.

10. It is prohibited to build a booth or pile up materials under fireproof roll-up doors or shelter infrared detectors, monitoring probes or fire hydrants in exhibition halls. It is prohibited to occupy the room for rotation of monitoring probes or shelter any fire safety equipment and facilities in exhibition halls.

11. Electrical facilities and materials such as lamps and electric tools for booth installation shall be equipped with professional national safety certificates and construction, installation and utilization shall conform to electrical codes and standards. Circuit and electrical installation personnel must hold a valid electrician license issued by national labor authorities.

12. It is prohibited to use ballasts or flexible cords, twisted wires, aluminum wires, insulated and aging power leads or wires not matching electric appliances in exhibition halls. Electric appliances must be connected by matched standard flame-retardant wires. Neon lights and high-temperature lodine-tungsten lamps are prohibited in exhibition halls and it is prohibited to directly install lamps onto columns in exhibition halls as light boxes. At the end of exhibition every day, construction units shall power switches off before leaving, so as to avoid danger.

13. With respect to booths using water points, the specially-assigned person shall turn off the main gate and sub-gates of water points before site clearing. Any accidents and losses caused by water points shall be jointly assumed by construction units and construction personnel using the water points.

14. Exhibitors demanding 10M Ethernet cables, telephone wires and electronic screens must inform their demands of the person in charge of exhibition halls and Service Desk five days before the opening the exhibition.

VI. In site construction, construction materials shall be stored in respective booths and waste materials in the installation shall be placed into dustbins in exhibition halls. Materials obstructing an aisle will be deemed as wastes and disposed at the discretion of the Center.

VII. During move-in and move-out, booth structures shall be installed or dismantled in a timely and safe manner. It is prohibited to push or pull booths by violence. Installation materials to be recycled by construction units shall be carried back with Exit Certificates, and the remaining wastes shall be cleared up by construction units, which shall not be abandoned anywhere in exhibition halls.

VIII. Construction units are prohibited from selling booths to others for any reason and in any form without authorization.

IX. In the process of booth installation and removal or where the booth it sets up and name plate, colored flags and ads it hangs cause reputational damages or personal injuries to a third party, the construction unit shall be liable for damages according to the degree of fault. If the third party claim compensation against the Center, then the Center may take recourse against the construction unit after assuming such compensation and the construction unit shall assume liability according to the compensation made by the Center and be liable to the Center for damages if any.


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